Here are some comments from former students:

“I thought the whole program was great! I liked everything about it. All of the information is extremely useful and a class is much better than just reading a book. I loved the techniques for labor and being interactive on how to do them. Being first time parents, we had no idea what to expect. These classes were really fun for us as well as educational.”

- J.R.

“The part of the course my husband & I liked the most was the friendliness and the extensive knowledge base of Leslie & Kathy who also made the class fun and entertaining. Secondly, the coaches/husbands/etc were told specifically what to do and how to be supportive at the hospital and at home and the reasons why it was important to do so and get involved. The footage with the pregnant women moaning, crying, or coping during the labor process. It raised my anxiety level and made me want to run out of there! (This is my first pregnancy & I am facing one of my worse fears -death does not even scare me). But that's just me :) So seeing the process on the screen was really frightening and turned me off-but by the end of class, you both made it seem possible and a part of life that has been happening since the beginning of time. So I’m going to focus on that. Due to understandable time constraints, some points of the presentation felt very rushed but even though that was the case, all our questions were answered and we felt very grateful that we found these classes to attend because we learned so much.”

- E.K.

“I think the entire course and the way it was presented was very well thought out. It covered a wide range and I thought that was very good. Also both instructors had such a great attitude & which was very positive and kept us both interested. Both instructors had a lot of energy which I think was very important. We had a wonderful experience and I am so happy I was able to attend.”

- L.A.

“I felt [the breathing techniques] was a bonding experience between me and my partner and also helped me to be more relaxed when contractions start kicking in.”

- E.C.

“I enjoyed having a private class. Although you were not able to find any video of those women giving birth without the epidural, I do wish, I could have seen one video clip to do a comparison. I can say that I am very happy that I attended the class. I found it to be very informative. I would recommend it to all first time mothers to be!”


“Thank you very much. We had a very nice experience. We did learn a lot and it was a pleasure learning it from you both.”

- L.G.

“The course is very informative and it really prepares you for the real thing. When we went through the actual event of giving birth, we felt relaxed and comfortable because we knew what was happening all along. We can’t say enough good things about the program.”

- A.M.

“Thanks so much for taking [my husband] and I on the tour of rumc. It relieved a lot of the anxiety of thinking about where the action would go down. You guys are so great and I am bragging to everyone about your services. I will definitely be a walking advertisement for tentoes to every pregnant lady that crosses my path!!! Thanks again for all of your help and I will be calling you when I go into labor.”

- D.R.

“It is really great that the program doesn’t have too many people and it is almost like we are one on one with you guys. Also as I mentioned before you guys present everything in a very honest way and you make us feel very comfortable to ask anything. The private tour at the hospital is also a huge plus and you are both very available for our questions out of class. I know you went above and beyond for us with the cord blood issue and we definitely appreciate that.”

- D.A.

“This was a very informative program for my husband and myself. I feel that after taking this I am now much more prepared for what to expect when we deliver our daughter. Also given all the different options that I was unaware of being this is our first child. Leslie and Kathy made me feel very comfortable and so knowledgeable and can see why my OBGYN recommends them so highly! I would recommend them as well and would be very interested in future classes once my daughter is born.”

- D.G.

“We think the course, was very well put together and really had a good time. Your class, gave my husband a lot more confidence in his up and coming role, as coach. We are coming up with ideas all the time, and I really believe we are closer than ever. He feels even more involved in the pregnancy and is excited about the birth. Thank you! How about a stretching out the weary muscles during pregnancy, class? I have been using your early labor techniques, for my back pain, and they really help!”

- S.R.

“Anthony and I would just like to thank you guys for all of the help you’ve given us. Your class really helped us during the labor and delivery of our little girl! We used the techniques that we learned in your class to help us through the whole process! Kathy also helped me at my home to breastfeed when it wasn’t going as well as planned! We will be recommending your classes to every pregnant couple we encounter! Thanks again.”

- W.M.

“I thought it pretty much covered what was needed for me to cope with pain and labor.”

- J.P.

“Leslie and Katherine were very knowledgeable and realistic about everything we are going to go through. The fact that you both work at the hospital is definitely strength. It made me feel comfortable knowing that both of you know the routine and know my doctors and how they work. You guys made both [of us] feel comfortable enough to ask anything and no matter how stupid you thought the questions were, you answered them as if they were the most important questions in the world. I’m sorry, I don’t think you need to improve anything! Good luck with your classes in the future!”

- N.S.

“I can’t think of anything to change. I think the course was well planned and presented. Both Leslie and Kathy were very knowledgeable and helpful. They answered all my questions and provided thorough information.”

- D.M.

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