Herbals- Galactagogues (increase milk supply)

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Herbal supplements are usually used under the direction of a lactation consultant. These supplements are traditionally used to increase the milk supply, however there are some better than others; some appropriate for one mom but not appropriate for others.

Herbals- Fenugreek Tea- (Alvita) 30 bags
Herbals- Fenugreek Tea- (Alvita) 30 bags
• common ingredient for curry
• causes increased milk production
• can cause maple syrup-like smell for mom and baby
• complications: inhibit cholesterol synthesis and absorption, hypoglycemia, peanut/chick pea allergy flare up, worsen asthma, cause breakthrough menstrual bleeding, may trigger migraines, can cause high blood pressure
• bitter, and not as potent as capsules

Herbals- Fenugreek Capsules- Nature's Way
Herbals- Fenugreek Capsules- Nature's Way
  • as above
  • more potent than the tea version

Herbals- Shatavari- 60/500 mg tablets
Herbals- Shatavari- 60/500 mg tablets
• popular in China and India
• not to be used in conjunction with prescription galactagogues
• increase lactation sometimes with extraordinary results
• vegetarian capsules

EMAB Milkmaid Tea
EMAB Milkmaid Tea
Comforting blend of organic herbs traditionally used to help support healthy breast milk production.

• USDA Certified 100% Organic
• Certified Kosher
• fennel, fenugreek, anise seed, caraway seed, nettle, rasberry leaf
• hot or cold

includes 16 tea bags
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