Infant or Child CPR Parties

Having a newborn (or any child for that matter!) in the house can be intimidating. Looking to make sure your family and friends know what to do in the face of an emergency? Why donít you HOST a party in your home and have everyone learn about CPR so that you all have the capabilities of helping the baby if any problems arise? ten toes will come to your house with manikins and supply all the information for you to be fully prepared.

Let our instructors come to YOUR HOME or your venue of choice*. You host your own party, have at least 4 people, and just set the date by calling us at 718.ten.toes or email

Infant CPR - 2-3 hours (NON certifying): infants up to 12 months old
Child CPR - 2-3 hours (NON certifying): children 1 yr and up
Infant AND Child CPR - 3-4 hours (NON certifying)

$80 per person / infant OR child - NON certifying

$130 per person / infant AND child - NON certifying

To become certified under Red Cross and receive a Certificate of Completion, you must successfully pass the course, and obtain an 80% or higher on the test at the end of the class. Each certificate is valid for 2 years.

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* in Staten Island only - please call 718-ten-toes (836-8637) for exceptions

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