About Ten Toes

"ten toes?" who? what? when? why? where?

The name “ten toes” came from the idealistic view that many individuals have when they step into the world of parenting. Most parents, whether they are conscious of it or not, intuitively search for the first tangible evidence of perfection in their newborn- most usually the feet. We see that with all the new paraphernalia being sold, i.e. setting the baby’s footprints in a mold or a stamp or even just a picture of their precious toes. Looking at the ten toes of a baby represents miraculous outcomes, completion and satisfaction of a long 9 months, and excitement of the ensuing wonderful new life and existence.

The company was started by two working professional mothers who wanted to give more to the community. Both mothers are in the OB/GYN field, and after having their own birthing experiences on Staten Island, NY, felt the lack of a centralized support system for mothers and their new families. They became Lamaze Certified Educators in the hopes of bridging that gap, and have passed the International Board of Certified Lactation Educators exam in July 2007 and are now Registered Lactation Consultants. In an effort to continue to bring education to the community, they successfully passed the Red Cross Instructor training as well as American Heart Association training and are now Authorized Providers of Adult/Child CPR and First Aid.

The founders’ desired to start up with a modernized interpretation of childbirth education. The ultimate goal is to incorporate many of the various styles of childbirth and offer women a choice as well as provide more comprehensive classes for the prenatal and postpartum periods for moms, dads and their extended families.

Originally, classes were not scheduled to start until July 2007. However, advertising through health fairs and referrals by Obstetricians and colleagues encouraged them to start earlier in May 2007. Classes have been running monthly since then.

Our main office was originally in the heart of New Dorp at 322 New Dorp Lane. We eventually transitioned to 16 Stebbins Ave - a private house with the basement converted to our office and class space. We have been so blessed with the amount of repeat clients and those referred by word of mouth that we are now only working on private sessions.

322 New Dorp Lane-
Our Original Home

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